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Our Mission 

Samaritan Village exists for the purpose of implementing the Great Commission of Jesus Christ to go into all the world and preach the gospel, by providing physical, mental and spiritual care for orphaned children in Tanzania, Africa. 

Our Vision 

Samaritan Village is a private, non-profit organization established and run by volunteers to develop, expand and maintain a Christian orphanage to care for abandoned and orphaned children. 

Our Goal 

We work to reduce the number of abandoned children and the deaths of children in Tanzania by providing care for those whose parents have either died or abandoned them and who have no relatives responsible for their care. This is accomplished by providing a safe and stable Christian home environment where children are provided food, shelter, clothing, education and medical care.

Our History

Born From a Tragic Need

The founder of this incredible work is Elizabeth Mwalozi, a native of Tanzania, Africa. Elizabeth was educated in Christian schools while growing up in Tanzania. She came to America in 1964 to further her education and receive her BA degree from San Francisco State University in California. She later became a teacher.

While a high school student at a boarding school in Tanzania, Elizabeth helped care for infants who were brought to the nearby hospital by parents who were unable to care for them. The number of babies being taken to the facility was so overwhelming that the hospital could only provide care for them until the age of three or four. After that, the children were be given back into the hands of relatives--relatives who themselves were often in poverty and near starvation.

Tragically, most of the infants died soon after being released to their families.. Elizabeth was a witness to this horror.

God placed a burden for these children on Elizabeth’s heart. She decided to do her utmost to establish a permanent orphanage in Tanzania for abandoned and orphaned babies.

Samaritan Village Begins

It wasn't until Elizabeth shared her story with a group of Christians in Yuba City, California in the early 1990's, that something was done to rescue these children. She received an immediate response. Thanks to the prayers and dedication of that small group of volunteers and another like-minded group of Believers in Arusha Tanzania, Samaritan Village Orphanage was created in 1992 and began caring for children in 1996.

Samaritan Village Today

With its goal of rescuing abandoned and trafficked children and giving them a permanent home clearly in mind, the first objective has always been to find families who will adopt these children. Since its beginning in a small house in Arusha, Samaritan Village has rescued over two hundred children. The majority have been adopted by families from around the world. Those children who have not been adopted have been given a home at Samaritan Village so that through the Grace of God, these once abandoned children now have a place they call home.

Today, SamaritanVillage is growing and currently cares for more than 60 children in a permanent residence with a 24 hour staff to care for them. The orphanage provides each child with nutritious food, clothing, health care and education in a warm and loving Christian environment. Samaritan Village has its own chapel for daily worship and serves not only the children, but many members in the community as well.

We just opened a three story medical clinic and dormitory in 2019  that serves many of the health needs of the children and the local community. The building also adds rooms for up to eighty more children. In addition, we have completed a new nursery that allows us to provide better care for babies brought to the orphanage with severe medical needs.

We also just completed a new Preschool for our children and children from the surrounding community. The school will feature three classrooms for children 3-5 years of age. The school will open this year 2024.

We completed a new pig house, a new cow barn/chicken coup (housing 400 laying chickens and 400 "broilers") and a new storage building. Our new office/meeting building was completed in 2022.

Our Future

Samaritan Village is continuing to expand in order to rescue more children and meet the diverse needs of the those in the surrounding community. We are currently drawing up plans to build a 50 bed hospital. That will make the current building, where the medical clinic occupies the bottom floor, into a three story dorm 

USA Board

Founder: Elizabeth Mwalozi Mswai

Chairman: Larry Todd

Vice-Chairman: Pastor Jim Clark  Secretary: Rosalyn Watson             

Treasurer: Joan Hackney 

Sponsorship: Martha Green   

Events Coordinator: Richard Hackney

Board Members: Anne Hamilton, Lela Jenkins, Mary Jane Salvato, Rita Collins, Marcella Westhouse

Tanzania Board

Founder: Elizabeth Mwalozi Mswai

Chairman: Monica Kwayu     

Treasurer: Eliniradhi Mswai

Secretary: Josephat Mmanyi              

Board Members: Peter Malulu, Lilian Washokera,

Kaninsia Sist, Felicita Mangalu


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