Current Projects

Current Projects


The three story modern medical clinic/dormitory is now complete and fully licensed. It opened fro business September 1, 2019. The two floors of dorm rooms allows us to grow to over 100 children. The clinic helps meet the medical needs of the children and members of the surrounding community. 

The clinic offer services similar to an urgent care facility in the USA. Two doctors and two nurses are on staff at the clinic. In addition, it also offers a maternity ward for delivering babies.


The orphanage has raised pigs for several years. The pigs are raised for use by the orphanage and as a means of support. 

The pigs are sold to local hotels who use them for tourists.

The pig pens were meant to be temporary and it is now time to build a permanent structure. Consruction on the new Pig House began March 29, 2021.


   Currently the third floor of the new Medical Clinic/Dorm is devoting several rooms for storage.   We are now building a new separate building for storage, The rooms on the third floor can then be opened for children.

   The result will be adding enough space for 36 more children who have been orphaned or abandoned.

   Construction on the new storage building began March 29, 2021.  


There is now a need for a new office that will encompass both the requirements of the orphanage and the new medical clinic.


The office building will also include a place for holding meeting and conferences. 

Completed Projects


The children and members of the local community meet regularly each morning at 5:30 a.m. as well as Sunday and Wednesday nights for worship and to hear a message from the Word of God. The children also hold their own service every evening at 6:00 p.m. 

As the number of children continues to grow and more members of the community attend these services, there is a growing need to enlarge the chapel. The plans have been drawn and funds have been raised to complete this project in 2020.


 A team from Calvary Chapel of Yuba City traveled to Samaritan Village this summer.    Thanks to their hard work and some generous donations from Adventure Church of Yuba City and an individual donor, the children now have a new playground! It includes a giant play structure with several slides, various size swing sets and a zipline. The team also made a new basketball backboard combining the flags of the USA and Tanzania. A soccer field was also created below the playground area. 


A team from Calvary Chapel of Yuba City traveled to Samaritan Village this summer.    Thanks to their hard work and some generous donations from Adventure Church of Yuba City and an individual donor, they were able to purchase and assemble bunk beds and mattresses for the rooms o the new dorm. The result is there are now beds for 30 more children.

The social welfare department was contacted with the news and three children were brought to the orphange within a month.


We now have a new nursery that allows us to better care for the babies, especially those who are brought to the orphanage with certain medical issues. Thanks to a generous donor we also have all new cribs. 


The new milling machine is up and running. Corn that is harvested from the fields planted at the orphanage are ground into flour. The corn flour is used by the orphanage as part of the diet  of the children 



We now have two greenhouses that supply an abundance of produce for the children. There are also several crops being grown in gardens including bananas, potatoes, corn, beets, watermelons and more. 


We are now raising pigs, cows goats and chickens. All the animals provide food for the children. In addition, the pigs are raised and sold for a profit to local hotels. 


The  pavement as well as the walls inside the orphanage and encompassing the grounds have now been completed! 


The  main building that functions as the dining room and nursery has been completely remodeled!




Thanks to the work of the team from Adventure Church of Yuba City and the generous donation of a donor, we now have a new kitchen and new dining tables for the children.




The new incinerator was just completed. The satellite was donated to the orphanage. The clothesline was built by the team from Adventure Church of Yuba City. 

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