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     Here are the stories of the children who have grown up at Samaritan Village Orphanage. Many of these grownup children still need sponsors who will support them financially and in prayer while they finish their education. Could you be that person? Could your family be their sponsor? Ask yourself this as you read the stories of the children of Samaritan Village, then click the SPONSOR BUTTON if you would like to sponsor a child through our Secure Donation Page.


                              This BUTTON indicates  the child has at least one sponsor.                                     This BUTTON indicates  the child has no sponsors.

Sponsorships are $20/$30/$60/$95 per month. ($95/month includes their school tuition)

The dates under each name are the child's birthday.

Anna 181109.JPG


September 9, 1996

Anna was one of the first three babies brought to Samaritan Village in 1996. The other two children that came at the same time were both adopted. Anna was abandoned when less than a year old by her parents who had dropped her at a neighbor’s house promising to return. They never returned.  She was taken to the police. They brought her to the orphanage.   She is the oldest orphan at the center and is a role model to the younger children. She is extremely helpful to the staff doing daily chores during her holiday breaks.  She loves to sing, read stories and watch movies.

She just competed her law degree and is going to be attending more law school to earn her Masters in Law.



May 4, 2000

Niceclara’s parents died of HIV.  They had only one child, Clara.  Clara then stayed with her grandmother, but her grandmother was too old to take care of her.  That meant there was no permanent place for her to stay and no one that could afford the extra money for food, etc.  The family sought the help of the government. They brought her to Samaritan Village.

Niceclara began living on her own and working as of July 1, 2018.  She is now working at a clothing store in Arusha.



June 6, 1998

Sara was abandoned by her mother. The mother left the baby when she was very young and then ran away. The parents from a nearby home  discovered the baby crying. The baby was found to have HIV and was placed in a special treatment center for HIV children. She is now in good health and is free from any HIV infection. She graduated from the Maasai School for Girls. 

Sarah began her career as a social worker on July 1, 2018. at LilyKim Day care in Arusha. She is now married with one child.



June 3, 2001

Moses’ was the child of a prostitute. His mother attempted to abort him through medicines/drugs.  She obviously did not succeed.  After he was born, for the first month, she would leave the child every night to continue to work.  Finally, the neighborhood began reporting her to authorities because the baby would cry every night and was not supervised.  Eventually, the mother was taken to court but retained the child.  This continued for a year.  Then, one day, they did not hear the baby, and suspected something.  They called social welfare and the police. They found Moses nailed inside a box with only two holes for air.  He had gone without food for days and was taken to the hospital suffering from malnutrition.  Authorities searched for a long time, but they never found the mother. He likes to watch TV, and play soccer. He is a big help with the younger children. 

Moses is in his third year of Bible College. He is studying to be a missionary.



April 7, 1999

Catherine was abandoned at Mt. Meru hospital as a newborn.  She graduated from the Maasai Girls School.  She likes to play soccer, run, is spunky, lively, and funny. 

Catherine began attending college in September 2018. She is now married and lives in Zanzibar.



July 7, 1999

Safina was abandoned at a bus station after her mother told some other passengers who were waiting that she had to use the restroom and would be right back.  She never came back.  The police were called and she was brought to the orphanage at the age of three months.  Safina is a spitfire, very smart, with a free spirit, and personality with attitude.  She is in Visitation Girls Secondary School. She is doing wonderful at school. She is a very good singer. She likes to read, play drums and travel. She is a very creative girl. She is very good in mathematics and she takes a lot of time to help others especially at the center where she tutors the children in mathematics during her holiday. 


Safina just graduated with her bachelor's degree in Mass Communications.  



February 8, 1997​

Violet’s parents died of HIV.  She was living with her brothers in a mud house.  The home where they were found was penniless because the parents had sold everything they owned to afford their HIV treatment. No one helped the children after their parents died.  Violet was discovered by the chairperson of the Samaritan Village Board in Tanzania.  Violet’s oldest brother had been taking care of his siblings, but told the chairperson that he would rather abandon his siblings because he could no longer stand to see them suffer.  The children were taken to the school where the chairperson is the head teacher. When people heard their story they helped to get Violet into Samaritan Village. The brothers still live by themselves.  They receive some support from the members of their old neighborhood.  Violet graduated from the Maasai Girls School. She is very sweet, and not attention seeking, doing good deeds without looking for attention or recognition. She likes to watch movies, cook and clean. 

Violet is working in Arusha. She is married and has one child.



May 11, 2002

Ester is the sister of Flora. She was brought to Samaritan Village by a social welfare officer.  Their mother died in 2006 from HIV, Their father was in the final stages of HIV when he brought the children to Social Welfare. He later died. Both children were okay and they were allowed to be adopted according to their parent agreement between the father and the government. She is in Class 6 at Lady of Mercy School. She is one of our children who is doing wonderful in school. She is a good singer, plays different games and likes dolls.

Esther is in her third year of teaching college.



May 2, 2006

Simon’s mother died of HIV.  He was two months old when she died.  He was taken care of by a convent up until the age of two, but then they went to social welfare and requested he be placed somewhere else because he is a boy and cannot grow up in a convent.  He was placed at the center.


He is about to graduate from Medical School and is finishing his internship at a hospital in Arusha. He also volunteers as a doctor at our Medical Clinic.




August 6, 2001

Jacqueline is the twin brother of Jackson. Their mother was mentally ill and attempted to deliver them in the road because she could not find the hospital.  People found her and brought her to the hospital. Their mother then disappeared. The twins stayed at the hospital for three months. They were then transferred to Samaritan Village because no one came to claim the children. She recently graduated from Secondary Boarding School. 


Jacqueline attended vocational collage for tailoring and hair styling. She graduated and lives and works in Arusha.



August 8, 2001

Jackson is the twin brother of Jacqueline. Their mother was mentally ill, and attempted to deliver them in the road because she could not find the hospital.  People found her and brought her to the hospital. Their  mother then disappeared. The twins stayed at the hospital for three months. They were then transferred to Samaritan Village because no one came to claim the children.

Jackson is in his first year of business college studying to be an accountant.

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