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The Progress of Pendo

One of the most amazing success stories we have ever experienced in the history of Samaritan Village Orphanage is what has happened to a little girl we named Pendo. Pendo was abandoned. She had one broken leg and was horribly malnourished. She was weak and barely able to move.


We weren't sure if she would survive. The first thing our director Josephat did we he took her in was to send out a call for prayer o her behalf.

God answered those prayers and Pendo quickly be gan to grow stronger and healthier.


Today, Pendo has completely recovered. She recently started nursery school along with two other children her age,

Here are pictures that show her remarkable recovery.


Pendo 1.jpg
Pendo 02.jpg
Pendo Progress.jpg


Pendo 181109.JPG
Pendo 03.JPG
Pendo First Day.JPG
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