From the Director 

Dear Pastor Larry,

I and the children we are fine. We are continuing to be in lock-down. This lock-down is my decision, but in the country there is no lock-down. I am trying to protect our children.

I have divided the staff into two groups. Each will stay here at the orphanage for a month. Every staff member must be checked before starting her/his thirty day period to work at the orphanage.. I have been staying here now for two months. I haven't been able to be with my family during this time. According to our President, the problem is slowly starting to decrease so, maybe in June our country will open schools and universities.

All the Samaritan children remain inside. I drive to the food store or the bank if necessary. We are trying to help our children with their home schooling through online studies for our children attending a university or college. For the students in grades one to seven and secondary schools, we are receiving school packages through email. I print out the worksheets and give them to the children.

Everything here is going well. We thank God because no one has been lost due to the Corona Virus. "And they said unto Moses, thy servants have taken the sum of the men of war which are under our charge, and there lacketh  not one man of us." Numbers 31:49 


My hope is you all at the board are okay. Right now, there are no visitors coming to the orphanage and we are receiving no donations from the community. The cost of the children's meals are increasing because they are all here at the orpahange.


Josephat Mmanyi

Update: The children are back in school as of July 1st.

From the Board

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