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If you live in the Yuba/Sutter area of California there are lots of ways to volunteer. Each spring and early fall (April through October) we have a booth at the local Farmer's Market. We sell African arts and crafts and give out information about the work being done at Samaritan Village. We need volunteers to help us on Saturdays from 8:00 - 12:30.


We also have a booth at the Plumas Street Summer and Christmas Strolls when we also need people who can volunteer.


If you would like to be a more permanent volunteer, we have open Board Meetings every third Tuesday of the month. Contact us the location and time.


sponsor a child

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Read the stories of the children who are growing up at Samaritan Village Orphanage in Arusha Tanzania, Africa on the SPONSOR PAGE. Many of these children still need sponsors. They still need that family from “someplace in the world” that loves them and will make support them and pray for them as they grow up with their bothers and sisters at Samaritan Village. Could you be that person? Could your family be their sponsor?


Ask yourself this as you read the stories of the children of Samaritan Village, then click the SPONSOR BUTTON if you would like to sponsor a child through our Secure Donation Page. 


Sponsorships are $20/$30/$60/$95

per month.

($95/month includes

their school tuition)

go to africa

host an event


We have teams and individuals who travel to Africa at various times throughout the year to work with the children at Samaritan Village. There is no special skills required, just a willing heart.

Contact us if you would like to be a part of a team or travel as an individual. You may also just want to stop by if you happen to be visiting Africa.

You may also contact us if you would like to send a team from your church or organization.

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A great way to support Samaritan Village is to host an event at your church or organization. We have representatives from the board who have been to the orphanage and can come and do a presentation about the work of saving orphaned and abandoned children in Africa.

You can also download posters or brochures or even videos from the website and share them with others including your church or organization.

Check out the videos of teams visiting Samaritan Village.

 Farmer's Market Volunteer Sign -Up 

      We need volunteers of any age to help at the Yuba City Farmer's Market every Saturday from May 15th - October 9th.  The Farmer's Market is located at the Fountain on Plumas Street in Yuba City. The hours are 8:00 a.m. to Noon or 10:00 a.m. to Noon (You choose). You will be helping sell African crafts, jewelry and other items to raise money for the orphanage. The open dates are listed on the contract form. Simply fill out the form and CLICK SUBMIT FORM. We will then update the dates on the form. Thank you for helping rescue orphaned and abandoned children in Africa.

Farmers' Market Contact Form
Saturdays in May
Saturdays in June
Saturdays in July
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Saturdays in October

Thanks for Volunteering!

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